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Do you know which body fluids constitute a higher risk for being biohazards? Are you familiar with what a biohazard actually is? A biohazard is any biological material that poses a potential threat to the health and safety of humans, animals, or the environment. Body fluids which have a higher risk of ... Read More
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It takes a special kind of person to work in the field of crime scene clean up. You need a strong stomach and nerves of steel, because your job involves cleaning up human remains left behind by medical examiners, chemicals, or potentially harmful viruses or bacteria. Crime scene cleaners ... Read More
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Dealing with the daunting task of organising the affairs and clearance of a family or friend who has passed away is a troublesome and emotional time. Australian Forensic Cleaning has a team of specialized Deceased Estate Clean Up technicians on hand to help alleviate some of the stresses involved in ... Read More
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You never know when you will be the subject of an incident related to crime, trauma, death, blood or other biohazard endangerment. For most of us, we go about our everyday life not giving thought to the possibilities of the “what if’s” actually happening. Australian Forensic Cleaning provides expert decontamination ... Read More
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How to Handle Trauma and Blood Clean Ups in Your Property When encountering a scene involving death or serious injury, it is easy to become overwhelmed but it is very important to take the right precautions for your own safety. Death scenes, crime scenes, and major accidents are an unfortunate aspect ... Read More
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No one ever expects their home or business to become a crime scene. It’s the kind of thing that you just can’t be prepared for. Still, the unimaginable can happen. When it does, the authorities do their job, but their work doesn’t include dealing with the aftermath. You’re responsible for cleaning ... Read More
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Floods are an inconvenience at the least and devastating at worst. Where there is a flood, it is very likely the water is contaminated. There are three categories of contaminated water, each with their own challenges for cleaning. The one thing that each category of flood water have in common ... Read More
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Professional Biological Remediation technicians must follow a stringent process when undertaking a biohazard clean up to ensure the contamination is contained and disease-causing agents are exterminated for a safe and biohazard free result. Sydney Forensic Cleaning bio-remediation technicians are appropriately trained and experienced in all facets of biohazard remediation and ... Read More
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Whether extremely mild or blazing with intensity, fires and the resulting smoke are damaging to any and all household electrical goods. The soot and smoke that cover every inch a fire originally touched leaves damaged goods, like important electronics, in their wake. Once the fiery invaders have been extinguished, what’s ... Read More
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Every year thousands of crimes are committed that involve a crime scene investigation, usually requiring the use of fingerprint powder or blue luminol. Australian Forensic Cleaning provides clean up and restoration of properties and vehicles that contain luminol, fingerprint dust, blood and other biohazard pathogens that may be associated with ... Read More
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