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Australian Forensic Cleaning offers a prompt and comprehensive Mould Removal and Remediation service, coupled with mould testing to all regions across Australia; no location is too remote.

Discoloured walls and a lingering, unpleasant odour are more than a nuisance. Mould growing in your home or business can become the source of serious health issues, so the problem must be addressed before it worsens.
You need to contact a mould remediation company immediately and let their experienced professional Mould Removal and Remediation technicians handle the problem. As the established leader for mould remediation across Australia, Australian Forensic Cleaning offer 24/7 emergency mould remediation and cleaning solutions for homes and businesses year-round. Whenever a home or business is introduced to a leak or some other water source, mould can spread through the property rapidly. This can produce allergens and can even cause potential health risks.

Why Mould Removal and Remediation is a job for the Experts

Australian Forensic Cleaning can help you with any and all mould remediation headaches that are burdening your life. If you suspect that your property has been infested with mould, we are here to help you as soon as possible. With our 24/7 service, that should be no problem at all.
Our Mould Clean Up approach is multi-faceted and comprises of a proven cleaning regimen provided by the nations top biological remediation technicians. Our teams perform a complete mould inspection covering all affected areas. We also carefully assess the condition of your personal belongings. When we’re done, we outline a clear, detailed picture of our action plan for your mould clean up job. It’s important to start the mould removal and remediation process for personal items as soon as possible. Immediate attention increases recovery success and helps hold down your mould remediation costs. Our Mould Removal and Remediation technicians will work through the process to carefully remove mould from your belongings, you can rest assured that your things are in highly trained hands. Our IICRC-certified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment, industry-approved products and the latest techniques to gently clean your personal items.

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Forensic Cleaning is a highly specialised cleaning and remediation disciple which requires technicians to undergo in-depth training and continuous on-the-job learning to ensure all biohazard and pathogens are removed

Our Mould Removal and Remediation Regimen Australia-Wide

As one of Australia’s most experienced mould remediation companies, we detect mould problems with state-of-the-art mould equipment, products and techniques. Our process includes these 6 steps from assessment to clearance:
1. Property-Wide Visual Inspection Our mould inspection services begin with an assessment of all interior spaces and exterior materials of your home or business. We cover basements, crawlspaces, foundations and gutters.
2. High-Tech Thermal Scanning We use the latest technology in mould inspection equipment to locate hidden moisture in walls, ceilings and crawl spaces. Our infrared cameras precisely map all affected areas.
3. Sample Collection for Analysis Our technicians work with industry-approved collection methods including swab and bio-slide. Often, we bring in a mould hygienist to perform spore counts and take additional samples.
4. Reporting Results Our mould inspectors share the conclusions of the lab tests with you and provide you with recommendations for the next steps. If the assessment indicates that you have a mould problem and you give us approval to commence the job, our technicians get to work right away to remove mould.
5. Complete Mould Remediation We start the mould remediation process with biohazard containment followed by thorough mould clean up. Our mould remediation services restore your property and belongings to their original condition.
6. Post-Remediation Confirmation After completing our mould remediation process, we give your property a final inspection. This phase includes air sample analysis by a mould hygienist to confirm that your property is completely mould-free.

Forensic Cleaning Australia offers our services across all states and territories, in all regional and rural areas, to deliver a first-class bioremediation service for all private and public sectors including homeowners, business owners, government agencies and insurance companies

Our Forensic Cleaning technicians are experts in their field, providing an industry leading cleaning regimen on all Forensic Cleaning jobs including Accident & Crime Scene Cleaning, Fingerprint Dust Removal, Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation, Meth Lab Decontamination and Sharps Clearances

With a focus on providing an innovative and successful biohazard remediation service, our technicians excel in all bio cleans including Post Death & Suicide Clean Ups, Blood & Trauma Cleaning, Urine & Faecal Contamination Cleaning, Raw Sewage Decontamination and Gross Filth Clean Ups

Expertly trained and highly experienced, our technicians provide an array of Specialised Cleaning Services including Mould Removal, Restaurant Decontamination, Deceased Estate Cleans, Vandalism Cleans, Graffiti Removal, Water Damage Remediation, Odour Removal and Industrial Bio-Remediation

When you call Forensic Cleaning Australia, you are guaranteed to speak to an experienced Forensic Cleaning expert on hand 24/7 to provide expert and compassionate advice no matter what your situation may be. We believe you deserve the respect of speaking to a trained industry expert.

Forensic Cleaning Australia believes the safety of our technicians and clients is paramount. Our techs are adept in achieving the physically challenging nature of forensic cleaning work while wearing personal protective equipment, including hazmat suits, full face masks with respirators and gloves.

Our Internationally Trained and IICRC Certified Biohazard Remediation Technicians, Forensic Cleaning Technicians and site supervisors and technicians are trained in blood-borne pathogen controls, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment and hazardous communications.

We believe our clients deserve the highest quality of service provided with dignity and respect. We use discreetly marked vehicles to maintain confidentiality and document the work we perform in a detailed report provided at the completion of each and every job.

Australian Forensic Cleaning | The National Leader in all Mould Removal & Remediation Services

Australian Forensic Cleaning technicians are expertly trained in all biohazard remediation regimens to provide our clients with a superior Mould Removal & Remediation service in all regions across Australia

Australian Forensic Cleaning is the top provider across the nation for all mould removal and remediation services. Left untreated, mould colonies spreads in hidden areas and causes extensive structural damage. Our technicians attack mould colonies and outbreaks in these difficult-to-reach areas and more. When you call Australian Forensic Cleaning, we perform a thorough mould inspection and provide you with a detailed report, providing a prompt and comprehensive remediation service to ensure your property is safe for habitation once more.
We understand the seriousness and potentially hazardous natures of mould growth in your property and have a working relationship with many of the major insurance companies. Our team of trained, experienced and professional experts understand and adhere to our stringent and tested procedures, maintaining that the main objective of any restoration job is to minimise damage by providing prompt, thorough action. Observing our methodology ensures the property is remediated and any contents are as close to their pre-existing condition as possible.
To speak to one of our bio-recovery technicians regarding your Mould Removal and Remediation needs, or to get any additional information on any of our services, contact Australian Forensic Cleaning. Our technicians are available 24/7 to assist in these trying times so you and your family can get back to the things that matter.
For inquiries in Melbourne in Victoria specifically, you can also contact Melbourne Mould Removal for a quick quote and how we can help. For cases in Sydney, contact us at Sydney Mould Removal

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Providing a prompt biological clean up service to private clients and industries including insurance agencies and government agent providers throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Hobart, Canberra and all regional areas across the country. No region is too remote for our expert biohazard remediation and forensic cleaning technicians.

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Australian Forensic Cleaning offer a comprehensive scope and prompt delivery of specialised forensic cleaning services including Forensic Cleaning, Accident & Crime Scene Clean Ups, Fingerprint Dust Removal, Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation, Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation and Sharps and Needles Clean Up and Sweeps.

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