Coronavirus Decontamination Cleaning – COVID-19 Deep Cleaning for Offices and Commercial Spaces | Infectious Disease Cleaning

Australian Forensic Cleaning can provide Biological Cleaning and Decontamination across Australia in areas contaminated with China Wuhan’s virus or any Infectious disease cases. Australian Forensic Cleaning can assist in cleaning an area potentially infected with COVID-19. Whether you have an office space, house, apartment or any type of vehicle suspected to contamination by Coronavirus, we can help with specialised deep clean services.

Australian Forensic Cleaning’s experienced, prompt and discrete bio-remediation clean up technicians are fully qualified in the cleaning and disposal process for any eventuality, decontaminating the scene and returning it for general, public or private use. Having full industry certification provides clearance and full confidence for cleaning of any biohazard contamination including viruses (such as Coronavirus), bacteria, blood and other contaminants.
Victoria is facing a second outbreak of cases as of June, 2020 and clusters are mostly appearing in workplaces where people work close to one another. As a result it is necessary you take the necessary precautions to avoid contamination either if you’re showing the symptoms or if someone in your proximity is showing them. Every business should be ready to decontaminate and get specialised services in COVID-19 Deep Clean their premises in the event of infection by the virus COVID-19.
Additionally, homeowners, landlords and government agencies can be subject to a wide range of problems when occupiers or tenants exit their properties, with fouling, contaminants and other potential bio-hazards left to be remediated by them. We provide full PPE for a bio-recovery technicians – clean & sanitise all areas with priority to high touch areas such as door handles, benchtops, light switches, telephones, toilets with antimicrobials and finalise with a Isopropyl Alcohol treatment. We apply steam cleaning on other areas such as carpets, desks, chairs, office contents.
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Australian Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Decontamination
Australian Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Decontamination

Specialised COVID-19 Infection Cleaning | Coronavirus Cleaning | Infectious Disease Elimination

Specialised and professional virus and bacterial infection decontamination for properties including houses and apartment complexes, offices and business spaces, cars, buses, airplanes, helicopters and more. Australian Forensic Cleaning can assist in emergency cases that involves cleaning an area potentially infected with Coronavirus. Avoid further cross contamination and get in touch with us today to eradicate the spread of infectious disease virus (including coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV) from your environment. Emergency Services on Call 24/7, Victoria, Western Australia, ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania. Nation wide services, call us today 1300 246 429.

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Why Hiring a Specialist Biohazard Decontamination Service such As Australian Forensic Cleaning for COVID-19 Deep Clean?

The term biohazard refers to any biological materials including microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, plants, animals, or their by-products that pose a threat to the health. Body tissue and bodily fluids are considered a biohazard contamination requiring clean up. Whenever a person coughs, sneezes or touches another person, or touches a surface with the virus on it and bring it to their eyes, mouth or nose, biological agents such as bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus spreads from person to person. When the virus is present on a surface, it requires immediate cleaning with specific chemicals and administrated by professionals, and often entire rooms and areas have to be fogged.
Professional Biological Remediation technicians must follow a stringent process when undertaking a biohazard clean up to ensure the contamination is contained and disease-causing agents are exterminated for a safe and biohazard free result. The coronavirus outbreak is causing a global emergency and any area affected by a contaminated person might require to be decontaminated and remediated by bio-recovery infectious disease technicians.
Australian Forensic Cleaning bio-remediation technicians are appropriately trained and experienced in all facets of biohazard remediation and hazmat handling. We have been working in decontaminating, sanitising and remediating areas across Melbourne and Nationwide that have been affected by biohazards such as viral infections for 8+ years. We pride ourselves by our professional, compassionate and discrete approach for our clients. Biohazards, viral infections, bacteria, chemicals, meth contamination, crime scenes, blood, death scenes, cleaning areas affected by COVID19 are second nature to us.

Nationwide Biohazard & Virus Contamination Clean-Ups | Infectious Disease & COVID-19 Infection Decontamination For Office & Commercial Spaces

At home, in the workplace, and even in a vehicle, boat or airplane, protecting yourself and others from exposure to biohazards, virus and blood-borne pathogens should be your number one concern and priority as the World Health Organisation declared global public health emergency over the coronavirus outbreak. When a person sneezes or coughs, transmission occurs via respiratory droplets produced by the infected person; or when the contaminated person touches any surface, it is possible to be contaminated by touching the surface and bringing your unwashed hands to your eyes, nose or mouth. Australian Forensic Cleaning will inspect the property and identify all areas that have been exposed to biohazards and remove, decontaminate, and clean up everything to mitigate the health risk.
Australian Forensic Cleaning is a professional biohazard clean up company who employs only the most experienced and knowledgeable biological remediation technicians who will ensure the clean-up is done properly to reduce future risk on infection to others. Our professionally trained technicians will clean, disinfect, and dispose of all blood and biohazard contaminated materials so you can move forward and be assured that you, your family, friends or co-workers are safe.

Forensic Cleaning Australia offers our services across all states and territories, in all regional and rural areas, to deliver a first-class bioremediation service for all private and public sectors including homeowners, business owners, government agencies and insurance companies

Our Forensic Cleaning technicians are experts in their field, providing an industry leading cleaning regimen on all Forensic Cleaning jobs including Accident & Crime Scene Cleaning, Fingerprint Dust Removal, Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation, Meth Lab Decontamination and Sharps Clearances

With a focus on providing an innovative and successful biohazard remediation service, our technicians excel in all bio cleans including Post Death & Suicide Clean Ups, Blood & Trauma Cleaning, Urine & Faecal Contamination Cleaning, Raw Sewage Decontamination and Gross Filth Clean Ups

Expertly trained and highly experienced, our technicians provide an array of Specialised Cleaning Services including Mould Removal, Restaurant Decontamination, Deceased Estate Cleans, Vandalism Cleans, Graffiti Removal, Water Damage Remediation, Odour Removal and Industrial Bio-Remediation

When you call Forensic Cleaning Australia, you are guaranteed to speak to an experienced Forensic Cleaning expert on hand 24/7 to provide expert and compassionate advice no matter what your situation may be. We believe you deserve the respect of speaking to a trained industry expert.

Forensic Cleaning Australia believes the safety of our technicians and clients is paramount. Our techs are adept in achieving the physically challenging nature of forensic cleaning work while wearing personal protective equipment, including hazmat suits, full face masks with respirators and gloves.

Our Internationally Trained and IICRC Certified Biohazard Remediation Technicians, Forensic Cleaning Technicians and site supervisors and technicians are trained in blood-borne pathogen controls, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment and hazardous communications.

We believe our clients deserve the highest quality of service provided with dignity and respect. We use discreetly marked vehicles to maintain confidentiality and document the work we perform in a detailed report provided at the completion of each and every job.

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