• CRIME SCENE CLEAN UPS | Providing a superior crime scene cleaning service including fingerprint dust removal, blood clean up, sharps sweeps and trauma remediation

  • BIOLOGICAL REMEDIATION & BIOHAZARD CLEANING | Expert biohazard cleaning technicians which the skills and knowledge to successfully restore any biohazard-affected property across Australia

  • METH LAB CLEANING | Providing a comprehensive meth lab remediation service including RAPs, decontamination, pre and post-forensic testing and at home testing kits

  • RESTAURANT DECONTAMINATION | Effective, safe and affordable decontamination services for the foodservice industry, including food manufacturing plants and restaurants

  • HOARDER & GROSS FILTH CLEAN UPS | Hoarding creates a significant impact on basic living conditions such as mobility or sleeping; at its worst, hoarding can cause fires or disease

  • FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATION | Australia’s leading fire and smoke damage restoration and remediation companies providing a superior service across the country 24/7

  • INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT CLEAN UPS | We have a proven record in dealing with some of the most difficult contaminated sites caused by a wide range of industries across Australia

  • TRAUMA & BLOOD SPILL CLEAN UPS | Professional blood cleanup technicians that will make sure no biological matter is left behind with a thorough decontaminating and sanitisation service

  • UNATTENDED DEATH SUICIDE & DEATH CLEANING | Trained and certified biohazard remediation technicians with extensive experience in crime scene cleanup, biohazard transporting and disposal

  • SEWAGE CONTAMINATION & WATER DAMAGE REMEDIATION | Cleaning up raw sewage is a hazardous job better left to the professionals as if it’s done incorrectly it can put your and your family’s health in risk

  • NEEDLES SWEEPS & SHARPS CLEARANCES | Providing any healthcare facility, commercial business or even residence with a comprehensive and guaranteed sharps clearance service

  • FAECES & URINE CLEANING | Collections of decaying food, urine, as well as rodent and human faeces, result in terribly unpleasant odours and health hazards

Australian Forensic Cleaning | The Nations Leader in Forensic, Biological and Specialised Cleaning Services

Forensic Cleaning Australia provides forensic cleaning and biological remediation services across Australia for any homicide, suicide, biohazard contamination, methamphetamine contamination or trauma scene. When you are faced with the arduous and painful task of cleaning up after a crime, death or trauma in your home or business, Forensic Cleaners Australia is the best choice for assisting you and your family in these difficult times.
When you require a forensic clean or biohazard remediation, the best thing you can do right now is call us and at the very least our trained and experienced forensic cleaning technicians can provide you with more guidance on whatever it is that you need cleaned or sanitised.
Forensic Cleaning Australia is the most trusted and referred decontamination and clean up company across the country. We partner with local government agencies, police, fire, emergency services personnel, victim services groups, apartment complexes, insurance companies and many more to provide the most comprehensive and prompt biological remediation service possible.

Phone: 1300 BIO HAZ (246 429)

Web: https://forensiccleaning.com.au/

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