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Crime Scene Cleaners Adelaide is South Australia premier and most trusted biohazard remediation provider, dedicated to easing and eliminating the emotional trauma and property damaged resulting from any biological contamination situation including crime scene clean-ups, biohazard remediation, meth lab contamination, unattended death and suicides, hoarding and squalor situations, blood and trauma contamination, mould infestation and fire & soot clean up and remediation. Our highly skilled, IICRC trained biological remediation technicians posses the skills and required knowledge to successfully remediate any property back to a biohazard free zone, safe for habitation. Harnessing years of combined industry experience, Crime Scene Cleaners Adelaide forensic cleaning technicians maintain a superior service on each and every job, ensuring our clients receive a superior remediation service. By implementing tried and tested job-specific procedures developed with both technical training and onsite experience, Crime Scene Cleaners Adelaide is dedicated to maintaining our reputable standard of service by providing our clients with the highest quality of service with dignity and respect. Crime Scene Cleaners Adelaide provide forensic cleaning, biological remediation and crime scene clean ups across South Australia. Backed by a wealth of knowledge coupled with onsite and technical experience, our technicians are experts in their field. Crime Scene Cleaners Adelaide has earned the trust of property owners, real estate agents and commercial property owners across the state. We prides ourselves on providing an advanced and efficient management system to complete each and every forensic cleaning restoration service to ease the stresses associated with biohazard damage

Coronavirus Decontamination & Protection Adelaide – South Australia | Cleaning & Decontamination

Prepare for a potential Coronavirus Scenario in your Office or Business in Adelaide

On March 12th, 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially declared the Coronavirus a pandemic. Every business should be ready to decontaminate their premises in the event of infection by the virus COVID-19. Additionally, in Adelaide, homeowners, landlords and government agencies can be subject to a wide range of problems when occupiers or tenants exit their properties, with fouling, contaminants and other potential Biohazards left to be remediated by them.

Australian Forensic Cleaning can Help in Biohazard and Coronavirus Decontamination in Adelaide – South Australia

Australian Forensic Cleaning can provide help in the event of potential Coronavirus infection on your office or business premises in Adelaide, South Australia. Our Bioremediation Technicians are trained and have hands-on experience in all facets in removing and decontaminating biohazards such as blood, viruses, and blood borne pathogens. We follow a stringent process and take extra care in removing, eliminating, clean, disinfect, and dispose of all blood and biohazard contaminated materials so you can move forward and be assured that you, your family, friends or co-workers in Adelaide are safe.

Antimicrobial disinfection and Cleaning of Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus is transmitted through contact with contaminated areas and touching face, eyes, mouth or nose, we provide full PPE for our Technicians as per Infectious Disease Control Policy. Our Professional Biohazard Decontamination Technicians will apply antimicrobial sanctioned chemicals to all surfaces potentially infected such as walls, desks and carpets and provide a full decontamination report.

The Health of Each Individual and Business is Essential to us – Adelaide – South Australia

If you require your property, office, vehicle or business to be inspected and assess with Coronavirus contamination in Adelaide, Australian Forensic Cleaning can help. Most businesses will be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, either directly or indirectly. In turn, people will be affected as well. The potential for any business, such as tourism, hospitality, retail, or building to be affected is high. If you are a business located in Adelaide, protect yourself from today and get in touch with us.

We have professional biohazard remediation technicians who are discreet, arrive in an unmarked vehicle, remain calm, and have your and the general publics’ best interests in mind. Our technicians are compassionate when working with family and clients and can help guide you through the process by clearly explaining the situation.

Keep Track of the Coronavirus in Australia

The Australian Department of Health has released a statement on Coronavirus being a pandemic in March 13th, 2020. Ever since that date, there has been thousands of cases recorded in Australia so far.

Keep track of the Coronavirus evolution on the Australian Department of Health Website

Death, Suicide and Unattended Death Clean Ups Adelaide

Forensic Cleaning Adelaide is a state-wide forensic and biological cleaning company that will restore a death, unattended death or suicide area back to its habitable, safe state. We have developed a thorough and reliable death scene clean up service that sets the standard in the biological clean up industry. Death scene and biohazard clean ups are different from other bio-recovery clean up efforts in that law enforcement is involved in investigations and evidence must be protected so that cross-contamination does not jeopardise the scene. Because of their shocking nature, death scenes are also more emotional than other biohazard clean up efforts. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide trained and certified technicians go to work immediately with the proper equipment to remove biohazards and decontaminate the death scene restoring it back to its original condition. Our specialised technicians will arrive with cleaning tools, protective gear and remediation disposal materials.

Unattended Death and Suicide Clean Ups | Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mount Baker and Port Augusta

Our crime scene clean up procedure includes decontamination where we clean and scrub all blood, body parts and fluids. We also remove any fingerprint dust associated with the death scene that may be harmful to humans and pets. We will also deodorise the entire areas to ensure all of the offending and lingering odour causing bacteria is removed. Our trained and certified biological remediation technicians always adhere to our proven biological cleaning regimen by ensuring the proper disposal of all biohazards in containers and transport them to a proper disposal facility. Our quality control and communication plans set the standard in the crime scene clean up industry. Proper communication makes sure the job is done right. We will work with your insurance carrier and law enforcement officials in the event an insurance claim can be made. We will work with the victim’s families and loved ones to find the support and assistance they need during this traumatic time.

Accident and Crime Scene Clean Ups Adelaide

Forensic Cleaning Adelaide has provided crime scene clean up and biohazard clean up services to the community including homeowners, insurance agencies and the private and public sectors. An important thing we have learned is that going through a crime scene clean up alone is something no one should have to do. Our crime scene clean up technicians have been handpicked for their empathy, compassion, attention to detail and for the protection of your privacy. Our professionals will arrive as soon as possible and work to perform forensic cleaning, disinfect and remove blood, bodily fluids, biohazards, fingerprint dust, tear gas, and other contamination from the scene. Our goal is to clean your house or business to its previous clean state.

Crime Scene Cleaning and Biological Remediation | Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mount Baker, Whyalla and Port Augusta

It is important that no one attempt to clean up a crime scene that has not been professionally trained. Not only can the event be traumatic for friends and family but it can also be dangerous as well. In the aftermath of a traumatic event such as a homicide or suicide, you need a qualified Crime and Trauma Scene Clean Up Company. Crime scenes can be littered with biohazards such as HIV, Hep B, Hep C or other hidden biohazards. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide has unique disinfecting agents and equipment that can deal with any crime scene and the dangers that might present. Our crime scene clean up technicians are trained to handle the clean up of blood, body tissues, and bodily fluids.

Blood Spill & Trauma Clean Up Adelaide

Blood spills and trauma scenes are considered to contain bio-hazard waste and a hazardous scene because it contains pathogens that can cause disease. As anyone responsible for doing laundry knows blood is almost impossible to clean up, but Forensic Cleaning Adelaide can help with blood removal and hazardous waste removal services. If it isn’t cleaned up and disinfected, flies will find it, and it will start to decompose and cause an unpleasant odour that will permeate the entire property. At home, in the workplace and even in the vehicle, protecting yourself from exposure to blood borne pathogens should be your main concern.

Blood Contamination & Trauma Scene Clean Ups | Adelaide, Whyalla, Port Augusta & Mount Baker

Forensic Cleaning Adelaide is a professional blood removal and blood clean up company servicing Adelaide and all regional areas across NSW, that will make sure nothing is left behind. We are able to clean, disinfect and dispose of biohazard waste materials, so you can go on with your life. We have all the equipment needed and the permits to transport and dispose of bio-hazard waste. Years of experience and training have propelled our certified, skilled and experienced blood and trauma remediation technicians to the top of the list when unexpected and unfortunate accidents happen. Regardless of the situation, Forensic Cleaning Adelaide is here to help. We deal with each incident quickly and effectively, ensuring all our safety procedures are followed, reducing risk to an

Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Adelaide

Chemicals used to “cook” or produce Methamphetamine and other compounds formed during the cooking process can contaminate not only a structure, but the plumbing, air-conditioning units and ducts and heat system, yard, well and septic. Remember, you can’t handle Methamphetamine Lab Cleaning on your own. The list of poisonous chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine cling to surfaces and linger in the air. Unprotected exposure can result in severe health impacts including headaches, dizziness and nausea to chemical burns, birth defects, blindness, respiratory ailments, liver damage, and even kidney failure.

Meth Lab Decontamination and Remediation | Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mount Baker, Port Augusta & Whyalla

From a heath perspective, a methamphetamine lab is simply one of the most dangerous places you could step into. Chemicals such as methanol, acetone and benzene can invade literally every porous surface such as cabinets, furniture, carpet, drywall and will remain toxic indefinitely unless the environment is decontaminated. A home or garage that’s been used as a methamphetamine lab can pose health risks to its tenants a decade after the lab has been improperly removed. You’ll need an experienced methamphetamine lab clean up and decontamination technicians to ensure the procedure is done right the first time.

Mould Removal and Remediation Adelaide

Forensic Cleaning Adelaide Mould Removal and Remediation specialists are experts at finding and cleaning mould sources and helping to prevent future mould growth and related problems. Mould damage restoration is important because untreated mould can pose a variety of health risks, including asthma and allergic reactions, and it can significantly decrease property resale value. Mould is a type of fungi that can grow on wood, carpets, paper, insulation or many other organic substances with a combination of suitable temperatures, moisture, and oxygen. Mould mildew remediation begins with finding the sources of the mould. Often, mould can be seen and smelled, but it could be hidden behind drywall, under carpets or in pipe chases. Clean Master mould remediation experts will inspect and evaluate the specific moisture problem, and then complete mould removal remediation.

Mould Remediation and Mould Restoration | Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Port Augusta and Mount Baker

Our mould cleaning services include drying the mouldy surfaces and disinfecting damaged areas. The technicians then dispose mould-contaminated materials in sealed bags or plastic sheeting to prevent cross-contamination as part of the mould mildew remediation. Proper disposal of contaminated materials to prevent releasing mould particles into the air is an important part of mould damage restoration. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide trained and certified mould removal remediation technicians focus on preventing future mould growth by offering tips to fix water leaks, control humidity and maintain proper indoor air circulation. Complete mould cleaning services and mould remediation services are available in Adelaide and across NSWn towns and regional areas.

Hoarder and Gross Filth Clean Ups Adelaide

Hoarding is a relatively new type of mental disorder. While it has been happening for years it wasn’t until recently that professionals recognized this as a mental disorder. In a hoarding environment, personal belongings become mixed with garbage and waste until living areas are unsanitary. Rooms become unusable as garbage and debris piles up on tables, counter top, and floors. In the case of animal hoarding, animals may roam about contributing faeces and increasing the chance of bio hazardous conditions. Compulsive hoarding involves animal faeces, human faeces, waste removal and decomposition and is impossible to estimate how many biohazards could be involved. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide hoarder clean up technicians are trained and certified to successfully remediate any property affected by a gross filth or hoarding situation.

Compulsive Hoarder, Gross Filth & Squalor Clean Ups | Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mount Baker, Whyalla and Port Augusta

Our professional hoarder and gross filth clean up team can eliminate biohazards and restore kitchens, bathrooms, apartments, or even entire homes back to their original clean state. Many times the people who hoard know they have a problem and want help but are too embarrassed to ask for it, so they suffer in silence. Besides the gross filth problems people trapped in hoarding situations suffer from; often times they have other medical conditions that can be serious or exacerbated by the filth all around them. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide provides discreet consultations across NSW and will provide as discreet as possible clean up of the filth. Our services are confidential and your name is never sold or used in any publication.

Human & Animal Faeces & Urine Clean Ups Adelaide

Forensic Cleaning Adelaide has trained and certified forensic cleaning and biological remediation who are available for immediate professional faeces clean up, urine clean up or clean up of any other bodily fluid. Collections of decaying food, urine, as well as rodent and human faeces, result in absolutely awful odours as well as health risks. But these smells attract other vermin and the infestation only becomes more severe. These situations require the cooperation of social workers, family members and guardians to ensure a professional solution, clearance and decontamination as per state guidelines. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide trained technicians offer around-the-clock urine and faecal clean up and remediation service in Adelaide and across NSW.

Urine and Faeces Decontamination and Sanitisation | Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Mount Baker, Whyalla and Port Augusta

This is a process that must be handled professionally because water and soap are simply not enough. Human and animal excrement are considered biohazard waste and can cause disease and spread viruses that create pandemics. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide can provide you with a safe and quick solution to your situation. Our professionals are properly trained to handle the clean up and decontamination when a danger to human health exists. Our emergency response services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we work with insurance companies. After the service is complete, you can go back to living your life without worrying if the area was properly decontaminated and poses danger to people or pets.

Restaurant Decontamination and Sanitisation Adelaide

Cleaning and maintenance is a must for any industrial and commercial kitchen to ensure the health and safety of all patrons. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide expert biological remediation technicians have the appropriate skills and training to successfully remediate and commercial kitchen to a safe and biohazard free zone. Our solution includes hand washing and removing all grease, bio hazardous materials and a complete bio-sweep of the entire kitchen to eliminate any harmful pathogens or bacteria. Health Inspections and Fire Inspections can happen any time, but most health and fire issues can’t be seen. Built up grease, fat and oils inside and behind your equipment is the real cause for concern. Our service includes cleaning commercial kitchens from ceiling to floor by utilising a proven biological cleaning regimen and innovate industry leading equipment and cleaning solvents.

Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Decontamination | Adelaide, Whyalla, Port Augusta & Mount Baker

Operating a hospitality business requires that you take considerable care where health, hygiene and cleanliness are concerned. Cleaning and maintenance constitute significant expenses, both in money and time. Turn to the experience of Forensic Cleaning Adelaide for support to ensure your facility is the clean, safe environment. An example of our specialist services is the commercial kitchen cleaning we provide to NSWn restaurants, cafes, and other food preparation facilities. We work closely with business owners, kitchen managers and head chefs to develop cleaning plans that meet the highest standards in terms of organisation, cleanliness, and hygiene and food safety.

Syringe & Needle Clean Up Adelaide

Vacant sites and properties are occasionally contaminated with used and dangerous needles, syringes and all kinds of other bio hazardous waste and materials. Discarded needles and syringes are a danger to everyone and present a very real health hazard. Blood borne pathogens, such as HIV and Hepatitis, are highly infectious and contact with them can have very serious, sometimes life threatening, consequences. Forensic Cleaning Adelaide trained and certified biological remediation technicians carry out sharps sweeps of known and potentially suspect properties, safely removing needles and sharps with legal and responsible disposal.

Needles, Sharps and Syringe Sweeps | Adelaide, Port Augusta, Mount Gambier, Whyalla & Mount Baker

Discarded used needles are a serious threat to the public and environmental contamination. Sharps awareness is a critical when removing and handling needles and other sharps our teams remove these hazards from parks, schools and public buildings. It is vital all sharps and needles removal and disposal work is managed safely through a structured process ensuring both effective removal and disposal. Our technicians are expertly trained and equipped to deal with the dangers that come from needle and sharps removal and disposal. Sharps and Needle Clearance and Clear Up includes carrying out needle sweeps of known and suspect properties or places, the removal of needles and sharps and waste safely, disinfect and sanitise affected areas and safely dispose of needles, sharps, syringes and medical waste.

Raw Sewage Leak & Water Damage Clean Up Adelaide

Our sewage leak and water damage clean up expert technicians are ready to quickly help you, no matter what caused the problem. We handle water damage remediation and sewage contamination clean ups for everything from burst pipes to rain leaks or other water and sewage sources that may not be evident until the problem has spread. Commencing sewage and water damage clean up as soon as possible is important because water can be absorbed by porous materials, including carpet and underlay, wall sheeting and gyprock, or seep under the substructure of floors. First, we remove excess water, and then continue water damage remediation with professional drying and dehumidifying to prevent mould growth. Plus, we use water detection probes to find hidden sewage and water damage clean up problems that could lead to mould growth, rusted pipes or other issues.

Sewage Contamination Clean Up and Water Damage Remediation | Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Whyalla & Gawler

Our full range of water damage and sewage contamination remediation services includes the utilisation of current and innovative water damage remediation technology and techniques to ensure the affected property is returned to a safe and habitable condition. You can count on our sewage and water damage clean up technicians to promptly restore your property to its original condition. The need for water damage remediation can come from many unfortunate events, from a broken pipe or leaky roof, to flood damage or the aftermath of putting out a fire. Because sewage and water damage clean ups can be one of the most difficult tasks confronting a property owner, you need to call an expert as soon as possible. Our NSWn sewage and water damage clean up specialists respond quickly to your emergencies. They use a full range of water damage remediation techniques for water removal, drying and dehumidifying to prevent further damage.

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