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Forensic Cleaning Australia is the leading decontamination and remediation service company across all metro and regional areas in New South Wales. Our highly experienced and trained specialist crime scene cleaning technicians harness years of bio-remediation experience on each and every job. Offering a full range of forensic cleaning services throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Blue Mountains and all regional areas on New South Wales.

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At Forensic Cleaning Sydney, our number 1 objective is to compassionately, discreetly and safely decontaminate and remediate the crime scene, trauma scene or bio-hazard scene to a safe, biohazard free, habitable condition. Sydney Forensic Cleaning has a team of internationally trained and certified crime scene and bio-hazard remediation technicians, able to successfully remediate any job. Our team are experts in their field, able to remove any trace of contamination, biological waste or toxic chemicals resulting from a death, crime scene, meth lab, sewage spill or mould growth.

We appreciate the nature of our job is often a result of a highly distressing and traumatic period, and offer a sympathetic and compassionate service, maintaining our reputable standard of service by offering guidance and support through these trying times. Forensic Cleaning Australia pride ourselves on providing the superior service we are known for.

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Leading Edge Technology with the latest in Forensic Cleaning Equipment & Up-To-Date Clean Up Protocols
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Trained & Experienced Technicians with Unparalled Experience in Biohazard & Trauma Scene Cleaning in Sydney
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24 Hour Emergency Service for Sewage Leaks, Crime Scenes, Needles & Blood Contaminated Scenes. Reducing Downtime for Sydney Business’s & Families is our Priority
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Compassionate & Caring Forensic Cleaning Crew Based in Sydney & Servicing Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Albury, Port Macquarie & other Regional Areas of NSW.

Forensic Cleaning Services

Unattended Death and Suicide Clean Ups

Post death property remediation services for business and families. Cleaning the death scene of a friend or family member is not a pleasurable experience. At Forensic Cleaning Sydney, our death cleaning service technicians have years of expertise in the correct clean procedures and specialised equipment for the clean up of a death or suicide scene.

Post Death Remediation Services

Forensic Cleaning Sydney offers a comprehensive and prompt Unattended Death and Suicide Clean Ups services. Our trained and qualified forensic cleaning technicians possess the required skills and knowledge to successfully and promptly mitigate any property across New South Wales affected by a death. With a compassionate and skilled bio-remediation technicians, you are guaranteed a complete forensic restoration service so you and your family can deal with the things that matter in such a difficult time.

Crime Scene Biohazard Clean Ups

The clean up of police crime scene is essential to ensure the safe removal of chemicals used during a police forensic investigation. As crime scene cleaners in Sydney, we can respond promptly with experienced technicians to ensure the safe and effective clean up of a police crime scene. Each of our fully qualified and trained Crime Scene Cleaning technicians have the experience and knowledge to successfully and promptly remediate any property affected. We will work to clean, disinfect or remove all contaminated items to restore the property to a safe, clean, biohazard free state.

Crime Scene Cleaning Services | Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Tweed Coast, Tamworth & Newcastle

Our trained crime scene cleaning technicians possess industry-specific skills and experience to successfully remediate any property affected by a crime scene. Utilising a proven and finessed bio-remediation regimen, Forensic Cleaning Australia’s techs provide a guaranteed bioremediation service to all homeowners, business owners, government agencies and insurance providers across New South Wales.

Blood Spill Contamination Clean Ups

Blood and bodily fluids are considered infectious and potentially dangerous biological contamination that can occur at the home, in the workplace and other public areas. Spillages of blood or body fluid are considered a biohazard contamination as blood and other bodily fluids can carry a whole host of diseases, which can easily be transmitted both to humans and other mammals. Bodily fluids like blood, urine, vomit or excrement can infect anyone coming into contact with them. Blood in particular carries some extremely dangerous and life-threatening pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis, so great care must be taken when dealing with them. Specialist chemicals, expert bio-remediation techniques and safety precautions must be taken, so using an expert biological remediation company like Forensic Cleaning Sydney with technicians who understand how to deal with these situations is vital for your health and safety.

Trauma Scene Cleaning across Sydney and New South Wales

When a trauma situation happens, whether in a domestic situation, a suicide, an accident on site or in the workplace or a road traffic accident, everybody is exposed to the potential of infection. Most businesses have some form of policy in place to deal with such situations, but rarely have the skills or chemicals to deal with such incidents. Whilst these bodily fluids are distressing to all concerned, cleaning them up after the event is a difficult and painstaking process, which unless done correctly can still harbour potentially dangerous pathogens and can risk contamination to others. Regardless of the situation, Forensic Cleaning Australia is here to help. We deal with each incident quickly and effectively, ensuring all our safety procedures are followed, reducing risk to anybody in the area and ensure everything is left safe and clean to use once more.

Meth Lab Decontamination and Remediation

As the number of meth labs being found across the state raises, so too does the need for experienced and technically trained meth lab decontamination technicians. The product or ‘cooking’ process of methamphetamine is a complex and dangerous task with creates a huge amount of toxic chemical waste and insidious vapour that permeates the direct and indirect areas near the production area. Meth labs can be found in almost any location including houses, warehouses, storage units, vehicles, boats and even rental apartments. Without the appropriate and specific meth lab remediation processes used, the contamination can remain for years and is a serious health hazard for anyone who comes into contact with the area.

Meth Lab Clean Ups and Testing Services

Forensic Cleaning Australia has a team of expertly, internationally trained meth lab decontamination technicians who posses the necessary skills and knowledge to promptly and successfully remediate any property affected with meth contamination. The clean up process is very methodical and our remediation action plans are designed unique to each property. Once we receive the swab testing & analysis results back from an independent forensic science lab we can put together a plan of action. Many factors are considered when cleaning a house that in contaminated with Meth residue. This includes contents, types of materials in the home, and ventilation to name a few.

Mould Removal and Remediation

Whether you’re a homeowner or property manager, the well-being of your family and tenants is paramount. Our trusted and experienced team of Mound Removal remediation experts can assist in protecting you property from persistent and detrimental mould infection and associated odour. Mould growth indoors can cause severe and long-lasting health disorders including respiratory issues, allergies and fatigue, which is why an effective mould removal programme must be implemented to safeguard the heath of residents. We understand that when mould and mildew shows up in your home or business, it’s a problem that needs rectifying immediately. As a certified and experienced Mould Removal company, we specialise in providing our clients a successful and pain-free mould damage remediation experience.

Mould Clean Ups and Mitigation

Regardless of how big or small you mould problem may seem, it is always recommended you employ an experienced and trained team of specialist mould removal experts. We have a tried and proven method of mould removal. By following stringent procedures, our team of mould removal experts can ensure the safety of our non-toxic, non-allergenic products and provide ongoing protection to help prevent re-infection of the affected areas. We use advanced moisture-testing equipment on the building structure to determine its moisture content. After a thorough investigation, we then bring in specialised airflow equipment that ensures mould spores are contained and the job is completed in the most efficient way. Finally we determine the correct drying method for the situation and specify the most appropriate drying equipment. The last stage is a rigorous programme of clearance testing.

Compulsive Hoarding Clean Ups

Most people who struggle with hoarding may be trying to save items they perceive as useful for themselves, family and friends in the event they may be needed. However, hoarding is generally thought to be a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and when the hoarding becomes too much to handle, the property can become dangerous for the hoarder and their family to occupy. Hoarding can cause significant issues to those living in this kind of environment with an increased level of pollutants in the air and bio hazardous risk with increased levels of mildew and mould growth as well as rodents, faeces and urine which can have severe health implications if not remediated. Additionally, living in a house with a hoarding issue can lead to the increased risk of a fall and in some extreme cases, being trapped among the hoarding mess. Potential structural damage can occur to the property if the hoarding mess is left for an extended period of time and the risk of a house fire increases significantly.

Gross Filth, Hoarders and Squalor Cleaning

Forensic Cleaning Australia provides a compassionate and understanding hoarders clean up service with a tactful, respectful and caring approach during the entire process and are able to encourage your loved one to find a happy and healthy balance between items that are important and have sentimental value to keep, and the items that are not needed. Our Hoarders Clean Up specialist technicians have the skills and experience to help your loved one reclaim control of their life and home so that the property is clean and bio-hazard free for a safe and habitable environment. Our hoarding specialists understand the complexity of this disorder and the difficulty that it brings. The team at Forensic Cleaning Sydney will handle each piece of your property with respect and kindness and will communicate with you in a compassionate and caring way. There is no shame in this struggle and you should never be made to feel badly about this. Our team will also keep our work entirely confidential. Our goal is to restore your home to safety and give you some relief from the burden of hoarding. Often, finding the place to start is the hardest part, so let our team help.

Urine and Faeces Removal and Sanitisation

Forensic Cleaning Sydney’s biological remediation technicians are expertly trained in the removal of waste and sanitisation of any property or area that has been affected by urine or faecal contamination. Our innovative and proven cleaning and sanitisation regimen ensure all procedures are performed in a timely and safe manner to help protect our clients from the potential health hazards and biological contaminants associated with this kind of waste. As the severity and complexity can differ from job to job, our highly skilled biohazard remediation experts have the skills and knowledge to successful and expertly mitigate any property, indoors or outside, to a nontoxic and biohazard free zone, safe for habitation.

Animal and Human Faeces Contamination Restoration

Dead animals such as rats and mice are commonly found in and around homes including within walls, beneath floorboards, under porches, hidden within crawl spaces, in yards, or in pools. Many of these animals, especially mice and rats, are pests and when toxic baits are used to eradicate the rodent problem, the chances of the animals dying and decaying causing the dead animal to expire and decompose increases exponentially. Humans who come into close contact with dead animals or animal urine and faeces may contact the diseases or parasites once harboured by the animals. When left unattended, the carcass may contaminate soil or water sources with harmful diseases like cryptosporidium, round worm, tape worm etc.

Restaurant Cleaning and Decontamination

Restaurant kitchens require constant cleaning to ensure they live up to health code regulations. Restaurant kitchens are an ideal environment for mould growth, fatty or oily build up, and dirty ductwork. At Forensic Cleaning Sydney, we specialise in providing deep cleaning and decontamination services for a variety of industrial and commercial industries, including restaurants and food manufacturing facilities. Our cleaning tools and techniques allow us to quickly and effectively clean your restaurant or food manufacturing facility—ensuring it is up to any required health codes while also providing a clean and healthy work environment for your employees. No matter your cleaning and decontamination needs, Forensic Cleaning Australia has the expertise and equipment to quickly and effectively clean your restaurant or food production facility so that you meet all applicable rules and regulations.

Restaurant Restoration and Cleaning Services

The HVAC ducts at dining establishments can quickly become contaminated with dirt and debris. Between food particles being sucked into vents from the kitchen and the constant comings and goings of restaurant patrons, restaurant ducts require frequent cleaning to maintain a healthy dining environment. We can also remove fats and oils from canopy hoods in the galley to reduce fire risk. This should be performed at least every six months, but many restaurants require even more frequent hood cleaning services. Wet conditions, hard-to-reach areas, and food particles can combine to create a mould problem very quickly. We can provide effective mould remediation services using environmentally friendly techniques to ensure your kitchen is compliant with all health code regulations. The nature of restaurants allows for the build-up of smoke and odour. Our smoke and odour removal process will leave your restaurant free of odours, creating a more pleasant environment for your customers and employees.

Needles and Sharps Sweeps

Despite community efforts to ensure secure needle & sharps disposal bins are available to those that need them; unfortunately most needle tips; syringes and blades don’t end up in these. There is no way of telling where they originated or what potential viruses, diseases or pathogens they may contain. Often a small needle prick injury can lead to contraction of infectious bacteria and life threatening diseases such as hepatitis or HIV.

Needle Clearances and Sharps Sweeps Sydney

When providing a Sharps and Needle Clean Up, Forensic Cleaning Sydney will only provide trained and experienced sharps clearance and needle clean up professionals who will work methodically to provide a prompt and successful needle and sharp sweep in any area including waste and rubbish, outdoor areas and properties to guarantee all sharps and needles are foun

Raw Sewage Leak Clean Ups Sydney

In the event of a sewage leak overflow, time is a commodity you cannot afford to waste. Forensic Cleaning Sydney understands this, and to provide the best service possible, our emergency response teams are available any time, any day to bring you the assistance you need. When disaster strikes, our specialists stand at the ready to bring relief, offering the best skills in the industry for our clients. With our advanced technology and skilled sewage contamination remediation technicians, we can provide solutions for water removal, structural drying, water remediation and mould removal. With Forensic Cleaning Sydney, you can trust that you’re getting the service you need to guarantee a complete recovery right away, getting your home or business back on it’s feet as soon as possible.

Water Damage and Sewage Leak Remediation

When sewage contamination or water overflow becomes a problem, you require the services of a professional right away. Beyond simple inconvenience, a leak or overflow can create massive issues for the structural integrity of your home or business. Mould, rot, and water damage need no more than twenty-four hours to set in, and lead to further stress, both for you, and your structure. If your home or business is experiencing overflow from plumbing, sewage or appliance leaks, Forensic Cleaning Sydney is there for you. Our water damage remediation technicians respond to your needs, bringing excellence in all regards. Our experts provide top quality skill, service and technology to every call, and can guarantee complete satisfaction. Call on Forensic Cleaning Sydney right away so we can remove and clean up water, before it does lasting damage.

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