Whether extremely mild or blazing with intensity, fires and the resulting smoke are damaging to any and all household electrical goods. The soot and smoke that cover every inch a fire originally touched leaves damaged goods, like important electronics, in their wake. Once the fiery invaders have been extinguished, what’s left is a chemical, watery mess. While the contents of a home or business take a devastating hit from a fire, valuable electronics especially suffer.

Despite the seemingly tough, metal exteriors on computers, televisions, phones or appliances, the smoke and flames have a disastrous hold on these costly items.


Smoke Leads To Electronics Failing

Smoke can be an irritant to electronics, especially when the smoke steadily pollutes the environment. Slowly, over time, smoke within the space gently covers the exteriors of electronics, gradually layering upon them smoky materials that inhibit electronic devices from releasing heat. Electronics become hotter and hotter; and, excessive temps reduce the lifespan of devices.

Fire and smoke can cause serious damage to computers and other electronics.

Fire and smoke can cause serious damage to computers and other electronics.

Cigarette smoke is a silent but equal menace to electronics, as well. The tar released from cigarette smoke gathers onto electronics, allowing dust to stick to these expensive items and limits its ability to discharge heat. When electronic devices overheat, they eventually break down.

Computers and electronics that feature circuit boards, like radios and televisions, suffer intense damage from smoke particles that surround them. When smoke gathers onto circuit boards, electrical currents start to flow—especially to areas where the currents are not intended. The catastrophic result is that these high-frequency devices start to function erratically. Your computer, for instance, might reboot itself unexpectedly.

Smoke is also acidic. Coats of smoke ensure corrosion will penetrate metal, glass and plastics, all elements within electronic devices. The soot from fire, when combined with high levels of humidity or liquid, like water, also increases the corrosive effects on the electronics.


Prevent Electrical Fires

Overheated electronics is one major cause of electrical fires. To decrease the chances of an electrical fire, make sure your electrical devices can properly ventilate heat. This means protect your electronic devices from exposure to smoke. Place electronics in rooms where frequent cigarette smoke or smoke from cooking cannot coat their fragile exteriors. Remember that electronic devices need to breathe and expel heat efficiently in order to properly function.

Another strategy to prevent an electrical fire is to keep electronics that dispel heat away from flammable or combustible materials.


The Financial Mess Of Smoke And Fire

Fire and smoke can cause serious damage to computers and other electronics. Some homeowners or businesses affected by smoke and fire nearly empty their pockets for the clean up of soot and chemical extinguishers, as well as smoke damage restoration.

The faster you call; the quicker fire and smoke restoration professionals can react. Soot gradually increases its disastrous effects over time, embedding itself deeper and deeper within materials and making it more difficult to restore. Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation technicians are available 24/7 to take your call when emergency strikes. There’s no benefit in waiting to make that important call if fire and smoke damage makes its entrance into any portion of your home or business. No job is too big or too small! A professional smoke and fire damage restoration specialist will handle every individual case with expertise. Your valuable electronics are at stake, so why wait to restore them in the event of fire or smoke damage? The life of your electronics can be saved with professional restorative techniques that only experienced and trained fire and smoke damage specialists are equipped to provide.