When a person uses syringes or hypodermic needles, it is vitally important that they are disposed of in a safe manner. Sharps waste can carry contagious and highly infectious diseases such as Hepatitis A, B, C and HIV. If not disposed of in a safe and responsible manner, these sharps have the potential to cause harm and spread infection and disease to other people.

To make sure that public health is of primary concern, all hypodermic needles need to be collected and disposed of by a professional Sharps and Needles Clearance Biohazard technician who has been specifically trained in hypodermic needle collection and disposal. It is important for people to report the sightings of sharps immediately so they can be disposed off safely and to reduce the risk of contamination.

A professional hypodermic needle collection company can also be on hand to carry out searches for hypodermic needles in piles of rubbish and in areas where drug users have been present. This will help to sanitise the area by locating sharps that can be a danger to other people.

It is not only hypodermic needles that have the potential to be contaminated by bio hazardous material, anything that can be used to cut the skin such as razor blades and knives can carry diseases.

The removal of sharps and hypodermic needles should not be attempted by anyone that does not have the appropriate training or access to the correct safety equipment. Not only will the sharps need to be removed, but also the area they were found in must be fully decontaminated in order to remove the risk of biohazard contamination.


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